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Lan Claire

"I am completely thrilled with your company. Not only is the course itself fantastic the people on your customer service team are phenomenal. I have written in on several occasions with questions and have received clear concise and most importantly friendly help each time. I am so enjoying my Wine Appreciation course. Each module has presented pertinent information in a way that is so easy for me to understand. I someday hope to be a sommelier and this course has been a fantastic place for me to begin to establish base knowledge for myself and has gotten me on-track to achieving my goal. I am very thankful for the education and for the help."

Wine Appreciation, Korea

Donna Wassing

"The Event and Hospitality course gave me lots of information I didn't have before - it made me look at event organizing in new ways. I liked the learning methods and the layout of the modules."

Event & Hospitality Management, Canada

Ndaniso Mthethwa

"When l looked at the Hotel and Catering Management course overview, modules and subjects, l felt it was the one to choose from the different courses available because of my hospitality background. The course equipped me with more knowledge in getting my job done to the best of my ability and the examples and situations given in the modules were things that l face on my day to day life at work and l could relate to them. This made it easy for me to carry on with the course."

Hotel & Catering Management, United Arab Emirates

Magan Van der Merwe

"I love EventTrix online courses as they are easy to follow and understand, and they show you your progression throughout your course timeline. They helped me broaden my education about the given topics and explained all the necessary information in detail. I liked the fact that I knew exactly how far I was with my progress of the courses and the amount of time I had left to complete them."

Hotel & Catering Management, Music & Film Events Manager, Event & Hospitality Management, South Africa


"I was planning my own wedding and figured the Wedding Planner course would be a big help. There were aspects I would have completely forgotten about and things that I would love to do that I never thought of. The course was very easy to understand."

Wedding Planner, Canada

Adina Hulujan

"The course helped me to improve my skills in a lot of ways. I had no training to be a bartender or barista and I learned a lot of new things from your course that will help me through what I want to do in life. I liked the whole course."

Bartender & Barista Training, Romania

Anna Liza

"The help centre helped me a lot when I had some queries and the modules were very simple to understand and I liked them. I enjoyed learning how to handle stressful guests because it's very hard to be patient in that kind of situation. Keep up the good work!"

Hotel & Catering Management, United Arab Emirates

Angela Cooper

"I did the course to receive additional training and obtain internationally recognized accreditation. I have obtained additional knowledge in my current field as well as knowledge in a potential new field of interest. The ease of learning at my own pace. Receiving ongoing updates on the course process with the exam scoring and percentage of completion of the course. I also appreciate the Ebook being available."

Event & Hospitality Management, Event Design & Styling, Wedding Planner, United States

Vincent Scoggin

"I learned a great deal about all aspects of the hotel business, more so than my six years of experience had taught me. I liked the ease of navigation, and the way it tracked my progress in real time. They were very easy to read, and didn't restate thing unnecessarily. I found that every sentence had new information in one way or another, and they were parcelled out so that they could be easily digested and learned from. I got a LOT out of the course, and if I need more training in any associated industries, I'll be coming back for sure!"

Hotel & Catering Management, United States


"I was looking for a local Bartending School but unfortunately my school of choice closed down before I signed up. I went on Groupon and researched every School that was listed and came across EventTrix. Not only did you guys provide Bartending Lessons but Barista well. My note taking skills were put to the test! I liked learning about the different laws and their origin as well as the different coffee origins. The modules were very informative as well. And the website was extra cute!"

Hotel & Catering Management, United States

Kim Rayment

"The course was well set out with easy access to course information, instant feedback and updates on how I’m doing. I am responsible for events at work and this course has filled in gaps in my knowledge and given me ideas and advice. I loved the easy access and instant feedback on results."

Event & Hospitality Management, Executive Assistant, United Kingdom

Latisha Frazier

"The course helped me to learn more about social media and PR. It also gave me a lot of info on places that can help start up my business. I liked how the chapters are broken up and you are given title pages to help when you need to go back."

Wedding Planner, Start Your Business , United States

Colleen Douglas

"I've been serving at an upscale Italian restaurant and wanted to gain confidence and an understanding of things behind the bar. I now understand the complexity of each type of spirit and type of coffee, and how they relate to the creation and serving of each drink. I also gained a new perspective on each drink based on its history. I liked the in-depth explanations of each topic, which gave me a full understanding. It also helped me connect the dots between the similarities of each drink."

Bartender & Barista Training, Canada

Sarah Gardner

"I am already in the business but wanted to consolidate my knowledge and find out what I might be missing. I wanted the structure as I picked up so much of the business on my own in pieces and through experience. The course explained the importance of insurance and details around what to get covered, and the things to consider in evaluating a website content was very good. I was able to go evaluate my current website for improvements. The target marketing section was very good too and I liked that it was doable at my own pace since I'm a busy mother, wife, & business owner."

Music & Film Events Manager, United States

Mallory MacDonald

"I now know what kind of questions to ask, how to tailor my advertising, and the resources needed to successfully manage a business. The save and continue function made it very easy to study at a variety of intervals and times of day without having to remember what page I was on. The course covered the basics of starting your own business and explained the essentials of where to begin. I like that it wasn't just focused on the wedding planning portion, but covered all aspects of running a business."

Wedding Planner, Canada

Jessica McKinley

"I looked up the course through Eventtrix & other online training companies & eventtrix offered more useable knowledge rather than telling me stuff that I already know in the outline/syllabus. Plus, it seemed organized, and easy to use. I loved how it taught me how to balance color & use the color wheel. I also learned about Feng Shui & the 5 elements. It taught me about certain traditions & features how to harmonize & balance. It really exceeded my expectations so I can exceed client's expectations!"

Event Design & Styling, United States


""Nic and all the EventTrix Team I want to thank you guys from the depths of my heart for all your gifts and continued support. I am humbled by your kindness. As we say in Jamaica West Indies "Big up your nice proper self" Warm Regards""

Wedding Planner, Jamaica