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Celebrate the opportunities

Event planning is now big business. In every area of life people celebrate, entertain, promote and launch new things with events that are more planned, professional and styled than ever before.

The opportunities for a career as an event planner are endless. You could:

  • Event-manage book launches, store launches and brand launches.
  • Organise corporate, political and community events.
  • Help a charity gain widespread attention with a headline, show-stopper event.
  • Stage a live music/dance/theatre/film festival or sports event.
  • Manage memorable intimate occasions like weddings, birthdays and anniversaries.

Grab this chance to launch your own lucrative career that gives you independence, flexibility, fulfilment and the freedom to run your own life. EventTrix teaches you how to be a prepared and professional Event Planner right from the start. With EventTrix you’ll focus on

  • the principles of event and project management
  • practical steps in winning over your clients and securing contracts
  • preparing and presenting event proposals
  • managing costs, facilities, contracts and signing sponsors
  • step by step guide to creating a timeframe including a detailed check list for days before the event and day of the event
  • general etiquette and protocol (preparing invitations, table seating arrangements, table manners and dress codes)
  • crisis management

All of this is enhanced with real-life examples and video tutorials.

EventTrix is compiled by our international team of experienced event planners who have all the relevant and up to date knowledge of today’s industry. The course contains an invaluable compendium of skills, practical strategies, prudent disciplines and inside trade secrets in gaining an edge in the event planning market. You can read more about our course writers here.

If you already have a good ability to be an efficient organiser, then this could well be your dream new job! On their own, though, great organisational skills are not enough. There’s a large bank of specific knowledge and some vital skills you need to make a success of event planning.

Learn from experienced, successful event planners

Based on our international experience, we’ve put together a well organised and thorough package of study that takes you through all the necessary areas you need expertise in.

Like any good event planner, we’ve thought of everything! Our team has 25 years combined experience - we’ve organised a wide range of events in many cultures, have gained invaluable insight and are wise to the pitfalls. Fast track to a new, promising career by taking this online learning course anytime, anywhere you want. Modules are well structured and easy to follow and include exercises and exams throughout so you can check how well you’ve picked up your new training.

Plan your own future now. Get started on Become an Event Planner today.



Course Syllabus

Module 1: Working with clients

  • 1.1. Introduction
  • 1.2. Planning and preparing for the meeting (incl. video)
  • 1.3. First impressions and presentation (incl. video)
  • 1.4. What does your client need?
  • 1.5. What comes next? Timeframes (incl. video)
  • 1.6. Following up
  • 1.7. Event proposal
  • 1.8. Contracts and agreements (incl. video)

Module 2: Steps for planning an event

  • 2.1. Target your goals and audience
  • 2.2. Planning the event: date and time (incl. video)
  • 2.3. Budget (incl. video)
  • 2.4. Venue
  • 2.5. Food and beverage (incl. video)
  • 2.6. Transportation
  • 2.7. Speakers
  • 2.8. Timeframes

Module 3: Invitations, Greetings and Dress Code

  • 3.1. Invitations and replies (incl. video)
  • 3.2. Greetings etiquette and handshake protocol (incl. video)
  • 3.3. Dress code (incl. video)

Module 4: Table Manners and Table Settings

  • 4.1. Table-seating arrangements
  • 4.2. Table settings (incl. video)
  • 4.3. Table manners

Module 5: The Event

  • 5.1. Last-minute preparations (incl. video)
  • 5.2. During the event
  • 5.3. Business cards (incl. video)
  • 5.4. Evaluating the event (incl. video)
  • 5.5. After the event: Keeping up with your clients, partners, and guests (incl. video)

Module 6: What is Event Management?

  • 6.1. What is Event Management?
  • 6.2. Role of the Event Manager
  • 6.3. Project Management
  • 6.4. Strength & Weaknesses of the event management profession
  • 6.5. Crisis Management
  • 6.6. Planning Your Career

Module 7: Types of Events

  • 7.1. Introduction (incl. video)
  • 7.2. Conferences
  • 7.3. Meetings
  • 7.4. Launch Events
  • 7.5. Fashion Shows
  • 7.6. Fundraisers
  • 7.7. Weddings
  • 7.8. Religious Events
  • 7.9. Photocalls
  • 7.10. Exhibitions
  • 7.11. Sport Events
  • 7.12. Concerts
  • 7.13. Political Events
  • 7.14. Anniverseries


Get not one but TWO Certificates!

  • 1At the end of the course students receive a free PDF certificate.
  • 2The Certificate is issued by Eventtrix and confirms course completion.
  • 3Students can also request an internationally recognised certificate issued by independent accreditation body - International Council for Online Educational Standards. This certificate is issued in hard copy only and is posted to your address. Certificate fee applies.
  • 4In order to be eligible for the certificate student needs to successfully complete the course and pass each course module.


EventTrix courses are independently accredited. All our courses, as well as our processes, are approved by the International Council for Online Educational Standards, (www.icoes.org), assuring our students our commitment to high standards of online education. EventTrix is a recognized member of the CPD Certification Service (www.cpduk.co.uk). Our CPD accredited courses count towards the total of CPD hours to submit for your job role. CPD points are accepted and recognized by employers from both the public and private sectors, and academic institutions across the UK and internationally.

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