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For young professionals entering into the job market, or for those who are seeking a new job for the first time in years, interviewing presents a challenging hurdle that must be crossed in order to find a job of any kind. While jobs have remained much the same over the past 20 years, interviewing and the interviewing process have changed drastically. Many people now have very specific requirements for even entry level positions, and there are more people looking for jobs than available jobs. In fact, the average interviewer will have 118 different applicants for each job.

We've all been there. You go in for an interview, and even though you're perfectly qualified for the position, you don't even get a callback. Why? You didn't stand out to the interviewer.

That means you have to take steps to stand out, in your resume and cover letter, and during your interview. Interviewers are often overworked, not always qualified for what they are doing, and are usually looking for things that are only known to them. If you want to succeed and get your ideal job, you have to master a range of interviewing skills including communication, body language, personal expression, and much more.

This course will help you to master the job interviewing skills you need to maximize your chances of getting the job. Interviewing is a skill, and the more you know, the better at it you will be. This course will teach you how to:

  • Effectively prepare for an interview to show the interviewer that you want the job
  • How to answer common interviewing questions
  • What to and what not to ask
  • Present yourself in a way that shows confidence
  • Use communication and body language to give the impression you want
  • Discover how to play to your strengths in an interview
  • Be convincing, honest, and charismatic in an interview.

Learning these skills will help you to walk into an interview, create a rapport with the interviewer, and walk out having delivered your best.

What You Will Learn

This course on Job Interviewing Skills will introduce you to the interviewing process, while teaching you how to prepare, plan, and act during your interview.

What Interviewers Want – Learn what interviewers are looking for and how to tailor your approach to meet those needs without losing your individuality. Interviwers often look for the same characteristics and traits, because they want to know that you will be reliable, trustworthy, hard working, and dedicated.

Interview Psychology - Learn about how body language, tone of voice, and even gestures such as placing your hands in your lap or steepling your fingers can change the outcome of your interview. More importantly, you will learn how to tailor your own reactions to give the best impression.

Making the Right Impression – Everything that you say and do in an interview matters and it doesn't matter whether that is your choice of words, your outfit, or how you bring your resume. Learn how to make the right first impression so that interviewers will think about you favorably.

Answering Job Interview Questions – Most people have difficulty with core interview questions, but you will learn how to approach questions rationally, and learn some of the answers to very common questions.

Preparing for a Job Interview – What should you bring with you? How much should you prepare? Is it better to show up early or right on time? Learn how to prepare for your interview to show your interviewer that you are hardworking, conscientious, and dedicated.

Communication Skills – You need communication skills if you want to get a job, and this course on Job Interviewing Skills will teach you the basics. From saying hello to maintaining conversation during the interview, your ability to communicate is crucial to your interview.

Who Should Take This Course?

This course is a great fit if you're looking for a job but haven't quite mastered your interviewing skills. Whether you're new to the job market, returning to it after a long time, or just want to brush up on your skills to help you get a dream job, this course can help. You'll learn how to approach interviewing positively, so that you can present yourself in a way that interviewers will understand and respect. And, whether you're looking for your first job, or your 20th, connecting with your interviewer and making a good impression is key to getting the job.

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Course Syllabus

Module 1: The Basics of Interviewing

  • 1.1 What Interviewers Want
  • 1.2 Research for the Interview
  • 1.3 What Leads to Success in Interviews?
  • 1.4 Common Mistakes
  • 1.5 Making a Contribution to the Interview

Module 2: Interviewing Psychology

  • 2.1 Behavioral Interviewing
  • 2.2 Body Language
  • 2.3 Vocal Communication
  • 2.4 What's on Paper
  • 2.5 Being Unique

Module 3: Making the Right Impression

  • 3.1 Appearance
  • 3.2 First Impressions Matter
  • 3.3 Confident Not Cocky
  • 3.4 Positive
  • 3.5 Controlling Nerves

Module 4: Planning and Preparation

  • 4.1 Answering Common Job Interview Questions
  • 4.2 What to Take with You
  • 4.3 When to Get There
  • 4.4 Asking Questions
  • 4.5 Presentations

Module 5: Acing Your Interview

  • 5.1 Meeting The Interviewer or Panel
  • 5.2 Communication Skills
  • 5.3 Dealing with Difficult Situations
  • 5.4 Showing Time Management Skills
  • 5.5 A Step by Step Checklist to Success


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  • 4In order to be eligible for the certificate student needs to successfully complete the course and pass each course module.

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