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Without a doubt, marketing is a cornerstone of any business. You may have a wonderful idea for a business and the skills and capabilities to make it a reality, but you must create awareness and loyalty from enough customers for it to be a success.

Knowing how to target your marketing investments wisely - both your time and your money - can make the difference between a struggling and a thriving business. It’s essential to know the tried and trusted principles and theories in marketing before you begin yours. Once you’re familiar with these, you need to know how to implement the most up to date developments in online marketing so you keep the edge in your market.

In this Marketing course, we take the introductory Marketing ideas included in our Start Your Business course and expand and add to them. We help you delve further into both the theory and the practical implementation of marketing techniques, with particular focus on the type of business your online learning has trained you for.

This in-depth knowledge into all aspects of marketing a small, start up business will sharpen your perspective on how to build your brand, grow awareness of your business and attract the right customers. It will boost your confidence and belief in achieving your vision.

Module 1 gives you an excellent grounding on the theory behind marketing. You’ll learn about compiling market research, positioning your offer, seeing it from your customer’s point of view, watching your competitors and much more.

In Module 2, we get straight to the practical and dynamic matter of your marketing plan – your roadmap for the journey ahead. This gives you focus and direction; without one, your business is aimless.

We fully understand the need to reduce start up costs as much as possible. In Module 3, you’ll discover an invaluable resource of ideas on low cost marketing techniques that will cost you little or nothing.

Modern marketing is more and more focused on developing a strong and unique brand so you stand out from your competition. Module 4 gives you excellent insight into what’s behind building and strengthening your brand.

Module 5 delves into what your website and blog can do for you and how to make them work hard for your business.

We loved compiling Module 6. It’s the really exciting part of marketing – social media. We believe it’s where it’s at when it comes to turning a business from visible to ubiquitous! We’ve put extra emphasis on this section and take you through the power of social media, preparing an online marketing strategy, how to manage your online presence and how to be likeable there. You’ll also familiarise yourself with the main platforms in social media.

Module 7 is packed with great ideas on generating your own PR and on advertising.

Finally, Module 8 specifically deals with sales. We’ll teach you how and why to run a sales campaign to boost sales, grow awareness and attract new customers and how view a modern sales pitch and generate leads.

Nothing gives us more joy than to see our students blossoming; using their new learning and skills to shape their lives in a new direction. By the end of this course, we think you’ll have enough insight, inspiration and specific ideas about how to confidently market your business, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running.

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Course Syllabus

Module 1: Marketing

  • 1.1 What is marketing?
  • 1.2 Customers needs and wants
  • 1.3 Marketing research
  • 1.4 Market research: what to look at and where to find it
  • 1.5 Segmentation
  • 1.6 Positioning
  • 1.7 The 4 Ps – Product, Price, Place, Promotion
  • 1.8 Three more Ps – People, Process, Physical environment
  • 1.9 Product development
  • 1.10 Pricing strategy
  • 1.11 Credit and payment terms
  • 1.12 Promotion channels
  • 1.13 How to distribute your products, B2B marketing
  • 1.14 After sales service – handling complaints and returns

Module 2: Your marketing plan

  • 2.1 Why have a marketing plan?
  • 2.2 Essential components for a marketing plan
  • 2.3 Sample marketing plan

Module 3: Low cost marketing techniques

  • 3.1 Business image
  • 3.2 Increase your visibility in your community
  • 3.3 Referrals
  • 3.4 Build a mailing list
  • 3.5 Business networking

Module 4: Developing your brand

  • 4.1 Brand identity
  • 4.2 Differentiate
  • 4.3 Brand name and logo
  • 4.4 Building your brand personality
  • 4.5 How?
  • 4.6 Believe in your brand and your customers will too

Module 5: Your website

  • 5.1 Why do you need a website?
  • 5.2 Setting up a website
  • 5.3 Creating good content
  • 5.4 The copy
  • 5.5 Search engine optimisation, SEO
  • 5.6 Website analytics
  • 5.7 Benefits of blogging

Module 6: Social media and online marketing

  • 6.1 What is online marketing?
  • 6.2 The power of social media
  • 6.3 Rules of engagement
  • 6.4 Prepare a social media marketing plan
  • 6.5 Manage your online presence
  • 6.6 How to be likeable on social media
  • 6.7 A picture is worth a thousand words
  • 6.8 Facebook
  • 6.9 LinkedIn
  • 6.10 Google + Business
  • 6.11 Twitter
  • 6.12 Blog
  • 6.13 YouTube
  • 6.14 Pinterest
  • 6.15 Skype
  • 6.16 Email marketing

Module 7: Public relations & advertising

  • 7.1 Look for PR opportunities
  • 7.2 Brainstorming
  • 7.3 Writing an effective press release
  • 7.4 Radio/Press interview
  • 7.5 Generate newsworthy ideas
  • 7.6 Advertising

Module 8: Sales

  • 8.1 Sales campaigns
  • 8.2 Your sales pitch
  • 8.3 Leads generation
  • 8.4 Pay per click advertising and selling online


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  • 4In order to be eligible for the certificate student needs to successfully complete the course and pass each course module.


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